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Privacy and Data Policy

Welcome to pawsr - The social network for your pet.

By accessing the pawsr service ("pawsr"), you agree to be bound by our Terms and Conditions of Service which include the terms of this Privacy and Data Policy.


We take your right to privacy very seriously by (1) giving you full control your Content on pawsr, including functions to amend or remove any of your Content, (2) transparently providing you with information on how we obtain, store and use any of the information and data we obtain directly or indirectly by your access and use of pawsr, and (3) adopting an only-as-needed policy of obtaining, storing and using your data and information, meaning that we don't obtain, store and use any data or information unless it is required for the operation of pawsr and our provision of pawsr to you.

We don't utilise any third-party tracking technologies, firmly keeping any details of your access and use of the pawsr app within our control.

Other social media platforms may obtain and use and share unreasonable amounts of personal data - we don't!

Public Content

By posting Content on pawsr, you understand and agree that all such Content is immediately made accessible to other pawsr users. Furthermore, such Content is also made public to the world, including internet search engines, unless the associated privacy setting provided by pawsr is changed from its default setting of "public" to "private". Information associated with your pawsr Account, such as your name, email address or mobile number is never made public. Note that due to the nature of caching mechanisms, your Content may still be publicly accessible for some time after changing the privacy setting to "private" - this is out of our control.


A cookie is a small piece of data stored and sent by your access device browser to us when you access and use pawsr. We require cookies to be enabled on your access device browser as they form an essential part of our secure access and account authentication mechanisms. All our cookies are set to "secure", a setting designed to avoid third parties from intercepting or otherwise infering with them, and we do not share any data related to our cookies with any third parties. By accessing and using pawsr, you consent to our use of cookies.

Personal Data

In order to provide you with pawsr and Access to pawsr, we obtain and store personal data and information about you and your access device. This includes your mobile number, required as part of the Account creation process, and other technical data such as your details transmitted by access device browser and IP address details. We store such data for authentication purposes and to provide you and others with secure Access to pawsr. We do not share such data with any third parties. To that effect, we do not utilise any third-party advertising or tracking technologies within the pawsr app, and we do not employ any third-party data-mining code such as social media "like" buttons. We may use and provide summary statistics, with any personal identifying information removed, to third parties.

You acknowledge, however, that any activity outside our control, such as you clicking through to a third-party website or service, you sharing Content on third-party platforms, and you utilising the browser used to access pawsr, may be associated with data being obtained, stored and used by third parties, and that this is entirely outside our control.

Your Right to Delete Your Information and Data

You have the right to request our deletion of all data associated with your pawsr access and Account.

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